Work your way from bottom UP!

Every so often we come across a space that captivates us.  The colors are bright, yet balanced; the contrast is strong yet welcoming and soft. These spaces are so wonderfully eclectic and cohesive that we wonder how do they end up so successful, interesting and effortless? Where does one start?

Well…don’t under estimate the power of Persian rugs.  Yes, people tend to think that they are too traditional, too strong...BUT in contrast, all it needs is a creative mind, a strong vision and experience.  All of these images have one thing in common; a Persian rug that was 100% of the inspiration and the starting point for the whole design process.

So I am always preaching” Work your way from bottom….up!”. 

Get your inspiration from a rug; it will guide you with your color scheme and design esthetics.  Not only is a colorful rug functional in forgiving foot traffic, but it is the source behind these effortless, welcoming but yet sophisticated spaces.  Life is too short to be afraid of color!

Take a look at this wonderful Vintage Persian Ghashghaie Rug.  One of my favorites.  We have been collecting them for decades and love applying them into modern interiors.  How fabulous would this particular rug be paired up with this modern, off white Italian Sofa, a vintage glass and brass coffee table, an abstract painting above the sofa and some fun pillows that tie the colors back into the rug …perhaps you can consider a red accent wall?  The creative possibilities with these rugs are endless.

Parisa Abdollahi