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A rug is a piece of art, a timeless story from the past, an ancient craft that has been perfected over generations. It is poetry to the eyes that enriches our homes with warmth, texture and pattern. Each piece is unique in its narrative; its colors and symbols are the creative source behind any sophisticated space today.  



Through knowing that they are often one of a kind, Persian rugs add individuality to any interior. The unique dyes, patterns, motifs, and historic value of these hand-knotted, bespoke pieces enliven spaces with a richness found nowhere else.



Modern rugs offer amazing possibilities to transform a space through unique patterns and colors, accentuating contemporary interiors, and complementing the traditional.



Traditional rugs take influence from antique Persian designs, but with the consistency in color and texture found in contemporary pieces. Angular shapes, juxtaposed with floral motifs bring a classical style to present day spaces.



Transitional rugs bring a contemporary flair to traditional motifs, compositions, and shapes from Persian vintage rugs. A variety of saturated colors, repeated patterns and other modern takes, make transitionals work seamlessly with both the new and the old.


Portfolio by Parisa 

The complex beauty of classic architecture has been reduced to the simplicity of lines and shapes in this timeless collection designed by Parisa in 2012.


 Rug care

How to take care of handmade wool rugs