Leandra Cake Stand

Leandra Cake Stand



Designer: CTRLZAK of Seletti

Dimensions: 7.9"dia, 3.2"h

Collection: Hybrid

Material: Bone China

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  • Eco Friendly Packaging 

  • This dinnerware project designed by CtrlZak multidisciplinary collective reflects on the historical production of Chinese and European Bone China and its centuries of fertilization between Western and Eastern aesthetics.

  • Produced in Tangshan, the renowned “capital of Bone China”,refined by hand, the pieces decorations are sliced in half, creating new hybrids that juxtapose scenes and themes interpreted in the respective cultural imaginary.

  • Handcrafted

  • Brighten up a table top with the Leandra Cake Stand from Seletti. Use to serve cake, cookies, or any other sort of treat. Consists of two delightful and colorful designs on each side. One half of the base consists of an intriguingly curved shape that makes this piece stunningly unique.

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