Introducing Saba Italia

One of the favorite names in the Parisa showroom, Saba Italia stops you in your tracks. Designed to offer aesthetics to stir the emotions, Saba accomplishes just that and much, much more. 

New York Armchair

Flip the cushions inside out and switch up the room instantly with the ultra-sleek New York Armchairs by Saba. Available in a range of fabrics and metals, these sleek chairs are surprisingly versatile for both masculine or feminine spaces. Shop here

New York Suite

Stylish, yet comfortable, the New York Suite Sofa is the perfect centerpiece of any room. Luxe velvet entices a brush of the fingertips. Available in a large range of coverings, from tweeds to leathers, the sofa suite combines timeless style with functionality. Shop here


New York Chairs

Lush slipcovers allow these lightweight seats to be mix and matched at the dining table or office. Available with or without arm rests they fit perfectly in modern or transitional homes. The covers are easily removed for cleaning as needed making them stylishly practical for day-to-day use. Shop here



Adding accents to any room is the trick to successful design. These Saba Bustier chairs add the perfect touch with their down pillows and two-toned coverings. Shop here


The perfect swivel. Small and comfortable these are perfect in a pair. Delightfully pretty, the Amélie armchair conjures up visions of French haute couture. The special quilting highlights its inner curves and is completely hand stitched. Shop here

Parisa Abdollahisaba, blog