One rug, three different looks!

When it comes to building a stylish room, we believe the foundation of your design starts with the rug that you choose. Rather than bogging down your design, a bold rug can tie together a room, adding a splash of color and texture that spaces with bland rugs sorely lack. Persian rugs (our favorite) add an element of coziness and depth to any space. Plus, they are investments that you can be sure will never go out of style; they can be adapted to almost any room, no matter what your look is. Here, we’ve taken one rug and remixed it to fit three different styles—traditional, modern, and transitional—to prove just how versatile Persian rugs can be. 



Traditional spaces are comfortable and calming, usually outfitted with carved woodwork, graceful lines, elegant accents, and sumptuous chairs and sofas. While the traditional look tends to skew more formal, a beautiful Persian rug can help soften the room, adding a layer of coziness. Plus, the different colors in the rug can be used to inspire accent colors, like the blue pillows on the sofa and oxblood leather table — a sure conversation piece.


Modern rooms, on the other hand, usher in a calming element through the use of open space, clean lines, natural forms, and little adornment. These sleek, simple spaces focus on organization and function in the most stylish ways. In this modern space, a Persian rug brings a homey element into the room, cutting through the austerity of modern design. Here, the coffee table and throw pillows bring out a deeper shade of blue from the rug. Throw this beautiful rug over a dark-stained hardwood floor, and watch the colors pop, bringing the room to life.


Transitional decor embraces the comfort of traditional design and combines it with the stylish silhouettes of modern design. Together, they strike the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, creating a harmonious space that is stylish and functional. Rooms like this that are full of flair practically beg for a Persian rug as the foundation. Here, a bold lighting fixture brings out the muted blue of the rug. Combined with clean, fresh accents, there is an elegant simplicity about the space without losing an ounce of personality. 



Don’t let old notions of interior design limit the rug of your choosing! Whether you gravitate towards minimal, sleek design or quirky, mix-n’-match decor, there is certainly a place for a Persian rug in your space. Use it as the starting point for your space, and build a cozy, covetable room from there with layers of texture and style.

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Parisa Abdollahi